torsdag 25. mai 2017

Nexus - En el Comienzo del Topos Uranos

Release: march, 2017
Country: Argentina
Label: Self-release
Existed since: 1989
Genre: Progressive rock

Kreidler - European Song

Release: april, 2017
Country: Germany
Label: Bureau B
Existed since: 1994
Genre: Indietronica, kraut

The Ryszard Kramarski Project - Music Inspired by The Little Prince

no homepage (first time, an owner of a label should know better..)

Release: march, 2017
Country: Poland
Label: Lynx Music
Existed since: 2016
Genre: Progressive rock, prog pop

Soup - Remedies

Release: april, 2017
Country: Norway
Existed since: 2004
Genre: Progressive rock, post, electronic

Flowers Must Die - Kompost

Release: april, 2017
Country: Sweden
Label: Self-release
Existed since: 2006
Genre: Psychedelic rock, prog