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Octopus - Into The Void Of Fear

Band: Octopus
Album: Into The Void Of Fear
Country: Chile

Release date: January 17
Genre: Jazz/Metal, Instrumental Progressive Metal, Fusion
Existed since: 2001

This is a short album of around 26 minutes. Musically they sounds like a mix between Blotted Science n Shining, with the 3. song resembling It's The End n the 7th Faceless. The title song is more in the quiet fusion jazz soundscape.
All in all a good album, though i think they should focus on finding their own sound, cause the talent is certainly there.


Album musicians:
Braulio Aspe - bass
Cristobal Orozco - drums
Jorge Benavides - guitars
Fernando Daza - guitars

  1. Ethereal Mind
  2. Confront The Fear Beyond
  3. Fearless 1
  4. Off Limits
  5. Fall
  6. Fearless 2
  7. Faceless Source
  8. Into The Void Of Fear

Released records:
Octopus, 2004
Bonsaï, 2006
Coda (ep), 2008

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