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Enochian Theory - Life...And All It Entails

Band: Enochian Theory
Album: Life...And All It Entails
Country: UK

Release date: March 12, 2012
Genre: Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal
Existed since: 2004

I dont know if its justifiable to call this metal. There are absolutely many metal elements in the music and some growling, but the softness of the music overall makes it hard to put in that genre, so maybe its easier to just mark it as progressive rock.
Besides from that this is a great album, filled with strong songs, and Ben Harris' excellent voice, filling the music with memorable vocal lines.
Among influences in the music i would certainly add Tool, 'In Times Of Silence' resembles a harder take on Marilyn Manson. Also add some symphonic and electronic elements.

Highly Recommended.

Album musicians:
Ben Harris-Hayes - vocals, guitars
Shaun Rayment - bass
Sam Street - drums

  1. Zero Is Also A Number
  2. This Aching Isolation
  3. Hz
  4. Non Sum Qualis Eram
  5. Distances
  6. Inversions
  7. Creatio Ex Nihilio
  8. In Times Of Silence
  9. For Your Glory, Great Deceiver
  10. Nisi Credideritis, Non Intelligetis
  11. The Motives Of The Machine
  12. Singularities
  13. Loves
  14. The Fire Around The Lotus (bonus)

Released records:
Our Lengthening Shadows (ep), 2005
A Monument To The Death Of An Idea, 2007
Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio, 2009

PS! The titlenames in the video are not accurate.

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