onsdag 3. april 2013

Saturnus - Saturn In Ascension

Band: Saturnus
Album: Saturn In Ascension
Country: Denmark

Release date: November 30, 2012
Label: Cyclone Empire
Genre: Gothic Doom Metal
Existed since: 1991


Ive never been much of a doom listener, but that may change after this record.
I think this is a rly laidback album w strong melodies mostly found in the guitars. The harsh vocal, the spoken words n the female choir adds nice texture to the music.


Album musicians:
Thomas Akim Grønbæk Jensen - vocals
Rune Stiassny - guitar
Mattias Svensson - guitar
Henrik Glass - drums
Brian Hansen - bass

Guest musician:
Laurie Ann Haus - vocals

  1. Litany Of Rain
  2. Wind Torn
  3. A Lonely Passage
  4. A Fathers Providence
  5. Mourning Sun
  6. Call Of The Raven Moon
  7. Forest Of Insomnia
  8. Between
  9. Limbs Of Crystal Clear (bonus)

Previous records:
Paradise Belongs To You, 1996
For The Loveless Lonely Nights (EP), 1998
Martyre, 2000
Veronika Decides To Die, 2006

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