fredag 29. mars 2013

The Korea - Saturnus

Band: The Korea
Album: Saturnus
Country: Russia

Release date: March 25, 2013
Label: Rouge Records America
Genre: Djent, Deathcore
Existed since: 2003


The Korea released one of last year best deathcore album. Now it seems they trying to broaden their audience w a 3-song ep in both english n russian. They continues from where they left off, w 3 killer songs in their djenty, groovy, sci-fi metal style. In their third song Pole, they even put in a jazz/metallish guitar solo.
For my part i dont care if they sing in english or russian, though i think singing in their motherlanguage, makes them a bit more exotic.


Album musicians:
Ilya Sannikov - vocals
Eugene Potehin - guitars\vocals
Alexander Kuznetsov - guitars
Ruslan Latypov - bass
Sergey Kuznetsov - drums

  1. Saturnus (english)
  2. Zion (english) 
  3. Poles (english)
  4. Saturnus (russian)
  5. Zion (russian)
  6. Poles (russian)

Listen to the ep here

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