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Omnium Gatherum - Beyond - 2013

Band: Omnium Gatherum
Album: Beyond
Country: Finland

Release date: February 22, 2013
Label: Lifeforce Records
Genre: Melodic Death Metal, Progressive Metal
Existed since: 1996


Their last record was great, this one, even greater. The melodies these fins produce are just masterful. Even though they r mainly to be found in the melo deth spectrum, they got lots of influences from the folk n power metal scenes. This album also got late eighties, early ninties metal/hard rock elements, that elevates the albums as a whole.
This is an early contender for top 2013 albums.

Highly Recommended.

Album musicians:
Markus Vanhala - guitar
Jarmo Pikka - drums
Aapo Koivisto - keyboards
Jukka Pelkonen - vocals
Joonas "Jope" Koto - guitars
Erkki Silvennoinen - bass

  1. Luoto
  2. New Dynamic
  3. In The Rim
  4. Nightwalkers
  5. Formidable
  6. The Sonic Sign
  7. Who Could Say
  8. The Unknowing
  9. Living In Me
  10. White Palace

Released records:
Steal The Light (ep), 2002
Spirits And August Light, 2003
Years In Waste, 2004
Stuck Here On Snake's Way, 2007
The Redshift, 2008
New World Shadows, 2011

listen to full album Here

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