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Kari Bremnes/Kjetil Bjørnstad - Løsrivelse - 1993

Band: Kari Bremnes/Kjetil Bjørnstad
Album: Løsrivelse
Country: Norway

Release date: 1993
Label: Kirkelig Kulturverksted
Genre: Contemporary Jazz
Existed since: 1993

This was the record that got me into jazz music. I think Kjetil Bjørnstad is a fantastic composer, but its also the musicianship of all the musicians on this album, especially Kari Bremnes' beautiful voice, n the guitarwork done by Marius Müller, which i totally fell in love w.
The album takes on the life of Edvard Munch, the famous norwegian painter. Many of u probably knows his paintings, like Scream. What is less known is that he wrote poetry for many of his paintings. And the paintings and poetry is a reflection of his life n early love-life.
The project gives musical life to his works, n shed light about his life in his own words, that may not be familiar to most ppl. N is more accessible n less time-consuming than reading a book. That is, if u dont totally fall in love w the record, like i did.
Even if its 20 years since it release, Kari Bremnes n Kjetil Bjørnstad still occasionally get together to perform this project.
Expect an album full of life, fantastic n emotional melodies, n world-class musicianship.


Album musicians:
Kari Bremnes - vocal
Kjetil Bjørnstad - piano, synthesizer, compositions
Bjørn Kjellemyr - bass
Audun Kleive - drums
Marius Müller - guitar
Paolo Vinaccia - percussion

  1. Månens Kraft                                                   
  2. Dine Øine                                                
  3. Søvngjengersken
  4. Syk Pike
  5. Skrik
  6. Madonna
  7. Tiltrekning
  8. Aske
  9. Møte I Verdensrommet
  10. Scene I Skogen
  11. To Mennesker
  12. Sjalusi
  13. Løsrivelse
  14. Melankoli
  15. Angst

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