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Consciousness Removal Project - Tacit - 2013

Band: Consciousness Removal Project
Album: Tacit
Country: Finland

Release date: January 3, 2013
Label: Self-release
Genre: Ambient, Post-Metal, Post-Rock, Instrumental
Existed since: 2004


A pleasant release by this finnish band. For the most part finding themselves in the atmospheric spectrum of rock/metal. The melodies stretches out calmly, w some parts of the music getting inputs from jazz. It is for the most parts an instrumental album, but there r some icy black metal growling lurking in one of the songs.


Album musicians:
Antti Loponen - Vox, Guitar
Arttu Kimmel - Guitar
Vesa Ahonen - Bass
Artturi Mäkinen - Drums

  1. Colossus I: Legacy
  2. Mercurial
  3. Colossus II: Thrashing
  4. Decay Practice
  5. Colossus III: Deadlock
  6. Colossus IV: Null && Void
  7. Lost Mnemonics
  8. The Unknown Known

Previous releases:
Consciousness Removal Project, 2008
852 (EP), 2009
Do You Ever Think It's The End Of The World?, 2010
The Last Season, 2011

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