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Vandroya - One - 2013

Band: Vandroya
Album: One
Country: Brazil

Release date: January 18, 2013
Label: Inner Wound Recordings
Genre: Progressive Power Metal
Existed since: 2001


Out of Brazil comes a very promising debut. Their style lays mainly in the general power metal scene, but i hear strong influence from Angra n Symphony X. Overall good musicianship, but their female singer Daísa Munhoz rly stands out, drawing techniques from her male counterparts in the genre. Also the guitar solo work on the record is memorable.

Highly Recommended

Album musicians:
Daísa Munhoz - vocals
Marco Lambert - guitar
Rodolfo Pagotto - guitar
Giovanni Perlati - bass
Otávio Nuñez - drums

  1. All Becomes One
  2. The Last Free Land
  3. No Oblivion For Eternity
  4. Within Shadows
  5. Anthem (For The Sun)
  6. Why Should We Say Goodbye?
  7. Change The Tide
  8. When Heaven Decides To Call
  9. This World Of Yours
  10. Solar Night

Previous releases:
Within Shadows (ep), 2005

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