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Thank You Scientist - Maps Of Non Existent Places - 2012

Band: Thank You Scientist
Album: Maps Of Non Existent Places
Country: USA

Release date: June 8, 2012
Label: Self-release
Genre: Neo Progressive Rock, Fusion
Existed since: 2009


The full-length debut of this american band, that released an ep back in 2011. They show great musicianship, w a 2 man blow section, a guitarist that got a jazz/metal feel/technique to his play n a lead singer that does a fabolous job. The closest band that comes to mind is Frost*, n the neo-progressive scene, w the blow section adding rly nice texture to the music, bringing in both balkan folk n big band influence.


Album musicians:
Salvatore Marrano - vocals
Tom Monda - fretted/fretless guitar, acoustic guitar, shamisen, cello, vocals
Russell Lynch - violin, viola, mandolin, vocals
Andrew Digrius - trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, vocals
Ellis Jasenovic - tenor and soprano saxophone
Greg Colacino - bass
Odin Alvarez - drums and percussion

  1. Prelude
  2. A Salesman's Guide to Non-existence
  3. Feed the Horses
  4. Blood on the Radio
  5. Absentee
  6. Suspicious Waveforms
  7. Carnival
  8. Concrete Swan Dive
  9. In the Company of Worms
  10. My Famed Disappearing Act

Released records:
The Perils Of Time Travel (ep), 2011

Listen to full album at Bandcamp

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