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Cult Of Luna - Vertikal - 2013

Band: Cult Of Luna
Album: Vertikal
Country: Sweden

Release date: January 25, 2013
Label: Earache
Genre: Atmospheric Sludge Metal, Post-Metal
Existed since: 1998


Cult Of Luna is out w another melodic album. After a short album-intro they hit us w a rly good n driven opening song, I: The Weapon. Third song is a monster that clocks in on allmost 20 minutes. The rest of the albums consists, except from a couple of short tracks, mostly of songs ranging from 6 to 10 minutes. This is not an album that is easily digested, but needs time get in to.
I think the sound is maybe a bit more dirty from their previous effort, Eternal Kingdom. U can hear they have put lotsa works into this one, truly a great release from the swedes.

Highly Recommended

Album musicians:
Johannes Persson - guitars, vocals
Klas Rydberg - vocals
Magnus Lindberg - drums
Erik Olofsson - guitars
Andreas Johansson - bass
Anders Teglund - keyboards, samples
Thomas Hedlund - drums, percussion
Fredrik Kihlberg - guitars, vocals

  1. The One
  2. I: The Weapon
  3. Vicarious Redemption
  4. The Sweep
  5. Synchronicity
  6. Mute Departure
  7. Disharmonia
  8. In Awe Of
  9. Passing Through
  10. The Flow Reversed (bonus)

Released records:
Cult Of Luna, 2001
Cult Of Luna (ep), 2001
The Beyond, 2003
Salvation, 2004
Bodies/Recluse (ep), 2006
Somewhere Along The Highway, 2006
Eternal Kingdom, 2008

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