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Voyager - I Am The ReVolution - 2009

Band: Voyager
Album: I Am The ReVolution
Country: Australia

Release date: September 18, 2009
Label: Sensory Records
Genre: Progressive power metal
Existed since: 1999


One thing i dislike w this album, is the repeatance lyrics. Apart from that this is a killer album, w varied, progressive songs. Musically ill put this in the power metal genre, but there influences from 90`s prog rock genre, n if im not mistaken some vocal-influences from 80`s poprock scene.


Album musicians:
Daniel Estrin - vocals, keyboards, guitars
Simone Dow - guitar
Alex Canion - bass
Mark Boeijen - drums
Scott Kay - guitar

  1. Land Of Lies
  2. Common Ground
  3. Lost
  4. The Devil In Me
  5. Close Your Eyes
  6. Total Existence Failure
  7. Straight To The Other Side
  8. In My Arms
  9. Times Like These
  10. On The Run From The World
  11. Without A Sigh
  12. I Am The ReVolution

Released records:
Element V, 2003
UniVers, 2007
I Am The ReVolution, 2009
The Meaning Of I, 2011

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