onsdag 26. desember 2012

Top Albums 2012


Ne Obliviscaris

Portal Of I

This record has gotten the most spins of all albums ive listened to this year, so its no surprise it tops my 2012 list. As i stated in my review, i think this is a classsic. There is allmost 10 years in the making of this debut album, n it shows. They fuse death, black, folk n so on to get a unique sound.

Best Song
Hard to pick, since they all got individual charm, but my choice falls on 'As Icicles Fall'.


Between The Buried And Me

The Parallax II: Future Sequence

BTBAM continues to deliver well thought out quality music. The structure of their latest installation resembles Pink Floyd's Animals, w a few extra songs.

Best Song
Hard to choose on this record too, elle melle, 'Telos' it will be:)


Their last full-length topped my 2009 list. This years album got it all. Strong musicianship, melodies, production. Pure perfection.

Best Song
Carved In The Wind. Just love the break half-way in w the guitar build up. 


Circus Maximus


Third album from my fellow norwegians. They manages to evolve their sound even further n gives us a strong melodic album.

Best Song
Maybe Namaste


The Contortionist


Rly liked their leaning towards ambient n jazz/metal on this one. Great music throughout the record.

Best Song
Yay for jazz/metal, so Cortical:)

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