onsdag 26. desember 2012

Top 6 - 10 of 2012




Great new take on the space genre in general. Very different from two of my favourite space bands Pink Floyd n Pagan's Mind. Mixing ambient n doom metal is such a great combination.

Best Song
Several, but the one that first caught my attention was the title song. Enjoy.


Strong follow-up to Monolith, 2010. Much melancholy n calmness in the music, melodic, yet a very hard album.

Best Song
Several. But the first one that hit u is 'A Vow To Conquer The Ocean'.


Strong progressive melodic album from the englishmen.

Best Song
One of many.




Ihsahn released another quality album w his distinctive sound. Also liked his collaborations w Jeff Loomis n Devin Townsend this year.

Best Song
Several strong songs on this album, but my favourite song is in fact on Jeff Loomis' Plains Of Oblivion. dont know if that counts...:)



Must be one of the best djent album released this year, by indian guitarist Keshav Dhar. With him he has the silver voice of Daniel Tompkins on the first cd. Also contributing on the album is guitarist Marty Friedman.

Best Song
One of the best songs this year.

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