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Pat Metheny Group - Imaginary Day - 1997

Band: Pat Metheny Group
Album: Imaginary Day
Country: USA

Release date: October 7, 1997
Label: Warner Bros
Genre: World fusion, Contemporary Jazz, Instrumental
Existed since: 1977


I got this album for Jul, 1997. I had allrdy listened to a couple of his albums previous to this one, that had some rly great songs on em. On this release he managed to set a rly high standard on all the songs.
I consider Pat Metheny to be one of the worlds greatest guitarists, both technical n how his able to create complex n engaging melody-lines in his music.
This album is a concept album where he takes various folk genre n fuse them w this own jazz sound. Like "The Heat Of The Day" that have a flamenco theme, or the ender "The Awakening" that has country feel to it. My favourite on the album is number 7, "The Roots Of Coincidence", which fuse industrialized metal w drum n bass n ambient. Also contain an ecstatic guitarsolo.
Another album of his, that i also consider to be a masterpiece, is his "The Way Up", 2005. Here he has a symphonic structure, w an overture opening n 4 long pieces following a similar melodic theme.
Highly recommended to all fans of progressive melodies, great guitar work n good compostitions.


Album musicians:
Pat Metheny - acoustic, electric n synth guitars
Lyle Mays - acoustic piano n keyboards
Steve Rodby - acoustic n electric bass
Paul Wertico - drums

Guest musicians:
Mark Ledford - vocals, trumpet, flugelhorn, bass trumpet
David Blamires - vocals, mellophone, baritone acoustic guitar, electric guitar, violin, recorder, trumpet
Mino Cinelu - percussion
Daid Samuels - percussion
Glen Velez - percussion
Don Alias - percussion

  1. Imaginary Day
  2. Follow me
  3. Into The Dream
  4. A Story Within The Story
  5. The Heat Of The Day
  6. Across The Sky
  7. The Roots Of Coincidence
  8. Too Soon Tomorrow
  9. The Awakening

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