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Panda Bear - Person Pitch - 2007

Band: Panda Bear
Album: Person Pitch
Country: USA

Release date: March 20, 2007
Label: Paw Tracks
Genre: Experimental Electronica
Existed since:


Bjørn's Review:
Seminal release from Noah lennox(of Animal Collective), now relocated to Lisboa, Portugal. Unlike anything you have ever heard. Completely fucked up electronica, play LOUD!

Album musicians:
Noah Lennox - Computer

  1. Comfy In Nautica
  2. Take Pills
  3. Bros
  4. Im Not
  5. Good Girl / Carrots
  6. Search For Delicious
  7. Ponytail

Released records:
Panda Bear, 1999
Young Prayer, 2004
Tomboy, 2011

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