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Jimi Tenor - Out Of Nowhere - 2000

Band: Jimi Tenor
Album: Out Of Nowhere
Country: Finland

Release date: 2000
Label: Warp Records
Genre: Jazz/Soul fusion, World fusion
Existed since: 1994


Funky jazz/soul fusion artist Jimi Tenor released this album in the year 2000. I started listening to him, when i totally kicked to his Total Devastation, from Organism, 1999. A great bass-lined melody. Pure finnish crazyness. Check out the video below.
This album fuse elements from a variety of world music such as indian n japanese, n adds layers w a pyschedelic feel. He got a rly unique sound, n each song on this albums stands on their own.
There been some years since i listened to the album, but i instantly remember the songs as they starts.
He released an album this year called The Mystery Of Aether, w german afrobeat band Kabukabu.


Album musicians:
Jimi Tenor - vocals, flute, saxophone, synthesizer, organ, electric piano

Guest musicians:
The Orchestra Of The Great Theatre Łodz
Pro Chanto Choir
Gary Miles - bass
Frank Marino - drums, percussion
Ilkka Mattila - guitar
Chris Dawkins - guitar
Caroline Broaden - drums
Wanda Pittman - vocals
Nicole Willis - vocals
Saturo Ito - guitar
Baluji Shrivastav - sitar, tabla, harmonium, vocals
Mike Kearsy - trombone, euphonium, arrangement

  1. Out Of Nowhere
  2. Hypnotic Drugstore
  3. Paint The Stars
  4. Pylon
  5. Blood On Borscht
  6. Backbone Of Night
  7. Spell
  8. Better Than Ever
  9. Night In Loimaa
  10. Call Of The Wild

Solo records:
Europa, 1995
Sähkömies, 1994
Intervision, 1997
Venera EP, 1998
Organism, 1999
Out Of Nowhere, 2000
Cosmic Relief EP, 2001
Utopian Dream, 2001
Higher Planes, 2003
Beyond The Stars, 2004
Deutsche Grammophon ReComposed by Jimi Tenor, 2006
Live in berlin, 2007


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