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Every Time I Die - Ex Lives - 2012

Band: Every Time I Die
Album: Ex Lives
Country: USA

Release date: March 6, 2012
Label: Epitaph Records
Genre: Metalcore, Southern Rock
Existed since: 1998


Unlike most other metalcore band i listen to, ETID tends to keep their songs short. Their sound is crispy n a bit noisy, w Keith Buckley's screamy vocal on top. There r some rly good melodies on the album, n the music overall got a good punch to it. Some parts of the songs got some american southern rock mixed into it. Worth checking out.

Album musicians:
Keith Buckley - vocals
Jordan Buckley - guitar
Andy Williams - guitar
Stephen Micciche - bass
Ryan Leger - drums

  1. Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space
  2. Holy Book Of Dilemma
  3. A Wild, Shameless Plain
  4. Typical Miracle
  5. I Suck (Blood)
  6. Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow
  7. The Low Road Has No Exits
  8. Revival Mode
  9. Drag King
  10. Touch Yourself
  11. Indian Giver
  12. Grudge Music (bonus)
  13. Business Casualty (bonus)
  14. Starve An Artist, Cover Your Trash (bonus)

Previous records:
The Burial Plot Bidding War, 2000 (ep)
Last Night In Town, 2001
Hot Damn!, 2003
Gutter Phenomenon, 2005
The Big Dirty, 2007
New Junk Aesthetic, 2009

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