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Corelia - Nostalgia - 2011

Band: Corelia
Album: Nostalgia, ep
Country: USA

Release date: September 6, 2011
Label: self-release
Genre: Metalcore, Progressive Metal
Existed since: 2009

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Listening to this album, there r especially 2 bands that come to mind. Some of the clean vocals resembles Rody Walker of Protest The Hero's clean vocal, while the harsh vocal, the hard parts n the music structure leads my mind towards BTBAM.
There r some rly good progressive songs here n the guitarwork is great. All in all a convincing debut ep. They r working on a full-length, which i guess will come out by spring, 2013.


Album musicians:
Ryan Devlin - vocals
Chris Dower - guitar
Ryan Borrell - guitar
Adrian Alperstein - bass
Clayton Pratt - drums

  1. Treetops
  2. Glass Faces
  3. The Sound of Glaciers Moving
  4. Aviation
  5. Red Sky Harbor
  6. Mute Swan
  7. Blood Petals

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