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The Algorithm - Polymorphic Code - 2012

Band: The Algorithm
Album: Polymorphic Code
Country: France

Release date:  November 19, 2012
Label: Basick Records
Genre: Djent, IDM, Instrumental
Existed since: 2009


After listening to The Algorithm for some time, i think i got a good grasp of his music. Its basically fusion between eletronic styles like glitch, progressive trance n electronica. In the he mix he adds different kinds of metal, like industrial n more djenty sounding metal. The songs got good groove n u find some rly nice transitions here.


Album musicians:
Rémi Gallego - electronics

Live musician:
Mike Malyan - drums

  1. Handshake
  2. Bouncing Dot
  3. Trojans
  4. Access Granted
  5. Logic Bomb
  6. Warp Gate Exploit
  7. Null
  8. Panic

Listen to full album at Bandcamp

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