onsdag 7. november 2012

Substructures - Monolith - 2011

Band: Substructrure
Album: Monolith
Country: USA

Release date: September 2, 2011
Label: self-release
Genre: Djent, Progressive metal, Deathcore
Existed since: 2011


This mini album is a great surprise. They remind me of Born Of Osiris w their space leanings, n The Contortionist w their downtempo, jazzy passages. The melodies are good n progressive, and the hard passages got real punch to them.
Main vocalist David Bruno got a rly good, harsh growl, but im a bit uncertain if they use a second screaming vocalist or if its Bruno that handles those vocals aswell.
Absolutely a band to watch out for in the deathcore scene, as they are in the making of a new, i guess, 2013-album.

Album musicians:
David Bruno - vocals
Jordan Sanders - guitar
Kevin Danneman - guitar
Joey Harrell - bass
Joey Nichols - drums

  1. Cassiopeia
  2. Canis Minor
  3. Canis Major
  4. Telescopium
  5. Monoceros
  6. Cepheus

Listen to full album at Bandcamp

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