fredag 26. oktober 2012

Goatwhore - Blood For The Master - 2012

Band: Goatwhore
Album: Blood For The Master
Country: USA

Release date: February
Label: Metal Blade Records
Genre: Death metal, Black metal
Existed since: 1997


A for the most parts a fast-pacing album w good melodies. I would say they mainly play death metal, but w strong black metal influences.

Album musicians:
Sammy Duet - vocals, guitars
Louis Benjamin Falgoust II - vocals
Zack Simmons - drums
James Harvey - bass

  1. Collapse In Eternal Worth
  2. When Steel And Bone Meet
  3. Parasitic Scriptures Of The Sacred Word
  4. In Deathless Tradition
  5. Judgement Of The Bleeding Crown
  6. Embodiment Of This Bitter Chaos
  7. Beyond The Spell Of Discontent
  8. Death To The Architects Of Heaven
  9. An End To Nothing
  10. My Name Is Frightful Among The Believers

Previous records:
The Eclipse Of Ages Into Black , 2000
Funeral Dirge For The Rotting Sun , 2003
Epoch Of Unlight / Goatwhore [Split] [EP], 2003
A Haunting Curse , 2006
Carving Out The Eyes Of God, 2009

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