tirsdag 2. oktober 2012

Dissona - Dissona - 2012

Band: Dissona
Album: Dissona
Country: USA

Release date:
Label: Self-release
Genre: Progressive fusion metal
Existed since: 2005


This is very varied album, with influences from black metal, death metal, folk metal, different kinds of progressive metal. Dave Dubenic got a very versatile voice, doing both clean n harsh vocals. The harsh parts he sings more death/black metallish, clean his all over the place, i even think he resembles Mike Patton in some passages.

Album musicians:
Dave Dubenic - vocals
Matt Motto - lead guitar
Logan Wright - keyboard, rhythm guitar
Craig Hamburger - bass
Drew Goddard - drums, percussion

  1. Inverted Swarm
  2. Fiction
  3. Nest
  4. Interlude I
  5. Immersion
  6. Avella
  7. Eccentress
  8. Fawn
  9. Chrysalis
  10. Interlude II
  11. Lapse Into Hysteria
  12. Illumination
  13. Garden Of Rust

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