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Converge - All We Love We Will Leave Behind - 2012

Band: Converge
Album: All We Love We Leave Behind
Country: USA

Release date: October 9, 2012
Label: Epitaph Records
Genre: Post-hardcore, mathcore
Existed since: 1990


Converge was maybe the band that got me into metal. I got their 'The Broken Vow' on a The Wire Tapper-cd, n i rly liked their raw expression, explotionious vocal n great melodies. Even though it still took me a couple years to rly appreciate the various styles of metal, because at that time i was into...yea, the wire stuff, which will say exprimental n avant-garde stuff, n moving more into prog-rock, it did set a spark in me. Im allways changing in music styles, n in 5 years from now, i dont know what ill listen to.
Now they've released their 8th full-length, n i think its more back to basic, compared to the records they released between this n their Jane Doe album, which in some cases is more streamlined. They r back w this raw, dirty sound n their 'fuck you'-attitude. This record will definitely grow on me, so check it out;)

Album musicians:
Jacob Bannon - vocals
Kurt Ballou - bass, keyboards, guitars, percussion, theremin, vocals
Ben Koller - drums
Nate Newton - bass, vocals

  1. Aimless Arrow
  2. Trespasses
  3. Tender Abuse
  4. Sadness Comes Home
  5.  Empty On The Inside
  6. Sparrow's Fall
  7. Glacial Pace
  8. No Light Escapes(bonus)
  9. Vicious Muse
  10. Veins And Vails
  11. Coral Blue
  12. Shame In The Way
  13. On My Shield(bonus)
  14. Precipice
  15. All We Love We Leave Behind
  16. Runaway(bonus)
  17. Predatory Glow

Previous records:
Halo In A Haystack, 1994
Petitioning The Empty Sky, 1996
When Forever Comes Crashing, 1998
The Poacher Diaries(split ep), 1999
Jane Doe, 2001
You Fail Me, 2004
No Heroes, 2006
Axe To Fall, 2009
On My Shield(ep), 2010
Converge/Napalm Death(split ep), 2012

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