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The Faceless - Autotheism - 2012

Band: The Faceless
Album: Autotheism
Country: USA

Release date: August 13, 2012
Label: Sumerian Records
Genre: Progressive Death Metal, Technical Death Metal
Existed since: 2004


The first 3 songs of this album, called Movement, reminds of the nordic metal scene with some Devin Townsend influence put in. The first maybe finnish, the second swedish and the third norwegian. Since i am norwegian i recognize the norwegian band influence the best, with lotsa Enslaved, a bit Dimmu Borgir/Sahg, a few vocal lines ala Roy Khan, former Kamelot vocalist and Ihsahn.
I really like the guitar work on this album, some of the solos are just orgasmic.
Accelerated Evolution got loads of Devin Townsend influences in it, n its also named after his 2003 album.
Also lots of Opeth influences throughout the album, n even a bit Alcest put into the mix.
Overall a really good album, n highly recommended if your into either of the influences i mentioned above.
As a negative i would say they doesnt got a clear enough voice/sound of their own, n sounds as a mixtures of different bands in the prog/death/tech scene.

Album musicians:
Geoffrey Ficco - vocals
Michael "Machine" Keene - guitars, vocals
Wes Hauch - guitars
Lyle Cooper - drums
Evan Brewer - bass

  1. Movement I: Create
  2. Movement II: Emancipate
  3. Movement III: Deconsecrate
  4. Accelrated Evolution
  5. The Eidolon Reality
  6. Ten Billion Years
  7. Hail Silence
  8. Hymn Of Sanity
  9. In Solitude

Previous records:
  • Akeldama, 2006
  • Planetary Duality, 2008

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