mandag 19. februar 2018

MaidaVale - Madness Is Too Pure

Release: march, 2018
Country: Sweden
Existed since: 2012
Genre: Psychedelic rock, kraut, experimental

Entropy Coding - Tales Of The Moon

Release: january, 2018
Country: Italy
Existed since: 2015
Genre: Progressive metal, symphonic

Scarlet Host - Black Days

Release: january, 2018
Country: UK
Label: Self-release
Existed since: 2001
Genre: Progressive rock/metal, thrash, death

Hamnesia - Metamorphosis

Release: january, 2018
Country: Italy
Label: Self-relase
Existed since: 2014
Genre: Progressive rock/metal

Opus Maxima - Neuronal Asymmetry (EP)

Release: january, 2018
Country: Mexico
Label: Self-release
Existed since: 2016
Genre: Progressive deathcore, djent, experimental

Thy Catafalque - Geometria

Release: may, 2018
Country: Hungary
Existed since: 1998
Genre: Progressive metal, black, avantgarde