lørdag 9. desember 2017

The Dear Hunter - All is as All Should Be (EP)

Release: december, 2017
Country: USA
Label: Self-release/Cave and Canary
Existed since: 2005
Genre: Progressive rock, indie, alternative

Spiral Key - An Error of Judgement

Release: january, 2018
Country: UK
Existed since: 2012
Genre: Progressive metal, symphonic

Descent Into Maelstrom - Descent Into Maelstrom

Release: mars, 2017
Country: Italy
Existed since: 2016
Genre: Dodecaphonic metal, melo death, black

Barry Weinberg - Samsarana


Release: january, 2018
Country: USA
Label: Self-release/Dream Reality Productions
Existed since: 2010
Genre: Progressive rock

The Unguided - And the Battle Royale

Release: november, 2017
Country: Sweden
Existed since: 2010
Genre: Melodic death metal, power, modern