søndag 16. juli 2017

Arch Enemy - Will to Power

Release: september, 2017
Country: Sweden/Canada
Existed since: 1995
Genre: Melodic death metal

Cheer-Accident - Putting Off Death

Release: may, 2017
Country: USA
Existed since: 1981
Genre: Progressive rock, avantgarde

Apallic - Of Fate and Sanity

Release: june, 2017
Country: Germany
Existed since: 2014
Genre: Progressive death metal

Slow - V - Oceans

Release: july, 2017
Country: Belgium
Label: Self-release
Existed since: 2007
Genre: Atmospheric doom metal, funeral

Superscream - The Engine Cries

Release: may, 2017
Country: France
Existed since: 2009
Genre: Progressive metal

Lo-Ruhamah - Anointing

Release: may, 2017
Country: USA
Existed since: 2004
Genre: Progressive black metal