fredag 16. juni 2017

Au-Dessus - End Of Chapter

Release: may, 2017
Country: Lithuania
Existed since: 2014
Genre: Post black metal, sludge

The Misery Garden - Hyperstitious

Release: may, 2017
Country: Switzerland
Existed since: 2005
Genre: Progressive doom metal

Leprous - Malina

Release: august, 2017
Country: Norway
Existed since: 2001
Genre: Progressive metal

Unseen Faith - Waver

Release: august, 2017
Country: Denmark
Label: Prime Collective
Existed since: 2010
Genre: Atmospheric deathcore, brutal, dark

Steven Wilson - To The Bone

Release: august, 2017
Country: UK
Label: Self-release
Born: 1967
Genre: Progressive rock, art, alternative

Bent Knee - Land Animal

Release: june, 2017
Country: USA
Existed since: 2010
Genre: Art rock