tirsdag 13. juni 2017

Mos Eisley - Tellurian of Tattooine (EP)

Release: april, 2017
Country: USA
Label: Self-release
Existed since: 2017
Genre: Symphonic deathcore, Star Wars

Mystic Horizon - Endless Nightmare (EP)

Release: may, 2017
Country: Brazil
Existed since: 2010
Genre: Progressive rock/metal

Next to None - Phases

Release: july, 2017
Country: USA
Existed since: 2013
Genre: Progressive metal, alternative

Saint Etienne - Home Counties

Release: june, 2017
Country: UK
Existed since: 1988
Genre: Indie pop, indietronica

Origin - Unparalleled Universe

Release: june, 2017
Country: USA
Existed since: 1997
Genre: Technical death metal, brutal