onsdag 26. april 2017

Scars Of Tears - Just Dust

Release: march, 2017
Country: Greece
Existed since: 2010
Genre: Atmospheric rock, goth metal

Serenity in Murder - The Eclipse

Release: february, 2017
Country: Japan
Existed since: 2009
Genre: Symphonic death metal, melodic, power

Tzusing - 東方不敗

Release: february, 2017
Country: China/Malaysia
Existed since: 2006
Genre: Industrial Techno

Trojka - I Speilvendthet

Release: june, 2017
Country: Norway
Label: Tik Records
Existed since: 2007
Genre: Progressive rock, jazz, pop

Tigran Hamasyan - An Ancient Observer

Release: march, 2017
Country: USA/Armenia
Label: Nonesuch
Existed since: 2006
Genre: Contemporary jazz, modern classic, avantgarde, chamber