torsdag 7. desember 2017

Jess and the Ancient Ones - The Horse and Other Weird Tales

Release: december, 2017
Country: Finland
Existed since: 2010
Genre: Hard rock, psych

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  1. Jess and the Ancient Ones is a psychedelic rock band from Kuopio, Finland. The group was formed back in 2010 with the vocal talent Jess as their front woman. JATAO draws inspiration from pretty much everything that lies within the musical fields and beyond. Imagination is never to be censored when writing music, and one could say that's the lifeblood of all art.

    Starting out with a strong NWOBHM influence, as heard on their self-titled debut back in 2012, the band has slowly grown towards their own true identity. Nowadays one can find traces of surf, blues, folk, jazz, rock, and loads more in their exciting and smoky sound.

    Jess and the Ancient Ones are signed to Svart Records, who are known as the home of today's wild underground with a vast amount of modern cult releases under their wings.

    Expect the unexpected, and feed your minds.