torsdag 4. februar 2016

Triosphere: Convincing

The first pure prog metal concert i attend this year, is Triosphere, alongside with Mindtech and Fatal Impact. Together all of them contribute to make this a memorable evening.

Im a bit late to catch the beginning of the first band, Mindtech. I am a bit uncertain if I've listened to their music, but I have definitely heard about them. The first thing that hits me, listetning to the band, is the powerful voice of Mathias Molund Indergård, and it is he alone that give the audience meat to its bone, since I can barely hear what the other members are playing. And this is something that defines the first two bands playing tonight, a really bassy, muddy sound.

They come with their second album a bit later this year, three years after their debut, «Elements Of Warfare». Their music is, not surprisingly this evening, progressive power metal, with a "hard" base, or at least, thats what I hear, because of the horrendous sound, with more than a few elements from Circus Maximus. I don't find their music dary, and it's little that separates them from other bands in their genre. Apart from the bad sound, I do think they do enough on stage to give their audience an ok concert, and I would see them live again, with a much better sound than what they have today.

Next band is Fatal Impact. They came with their second album, «Cancel Life» in desember of last year. Their sound is a mix between hard rock and heavy metal, even though they bring in elements from prog power. It seems like it is vocalist and guitarist Jørn Øyhus who largely writes the music, and having the splendid voice of Indergård still in my ears, Øyhus' technical level seems significally worse, even though he in some parts of his songs surprisingly have a voice more of a castratosinger. From a nearly half full local when the first band played, the space between the audience now is considerable expanded.

Their music, like the band before them, is not too exciting. They draw inspiration from bands such as Iron Maiden and Communic. The technical level of the members seems to par with the expectation I have with people playing in the genres they draw their main inspiration from, but sadly they are one of too many bands that are unable to think new. Like the first band, they play an ok set, but are much less audiencefriendly, with the vocalist barely talking, and the few times he do, he dont get any response.

The main band this evening is Triosphere, and this is the third time I cover them live, after their performance at ProgPower Oslo in 2013, and the releaseconcert of their latest album «The Heart Of The Matter» back in late 2014. Tonight they play this record from the beginning to the end, and even if i still haven't listened to it, i do recognize several of the songs. The audience, that totally failed Fatal Impact, have filled to local again, for a tremendous concert. Vocalist Ida Haukland makes everyone to feel welcomed, and u get a sense that this is an experienced liveband.

The sound is still pretty bad, but after the first song, My Fortress, the soundmanager pushes some buttons and twists a few knobs, and the sound is remarkable better from that point and out, even though i think the volume on the voice is a bit low. Unlike the two first bands, Triospheres music is considerable more exciting, and touches you on an emotional level. The guitarsolos from Marcus Silver are melodious, technical, and he gives, unlike many guitarists do, who comes up with a good solo and places them randomly in a song, them meaning.

Triosphere deliver as allways a very good concert. With their latest album, they have, from what I've heard of it, made an album to be proud of, and they are able to transfer the energy from that album to the audience today. After playing through their record, they play three extra songs, which completes a splendid performance by the band.

Fatal Impact
Photos: Boris Danielsen