lørdag 26. januar 2013

Riverside - Shrine Of New Generation Slaves - 2013

Band: Riverside
Album: Shrine Of New Generation Slaves
Country: Poland

Release date: January 18, 2013
Label: InsideOut Music
Genre: Progressive Metal
Existed since: 2001


I allways thought of Riverside to be the metal oriented Porcupine Tree. On their new record, they lean more than be4 towards progressive rock than metal. The good, emotional melodies r still intact. Mariusz Duda's voice contributes much to the music as usually. There's also a strong presence of David Gilmour in some of the guitar solos. A great follow-up to their Anno Domini High Definition.

Highly Recommended

Album musicians:
Michał Łapaj - keyboards
Piotr Grudzinski - guitars
Piotr "Mittloff" Kozieradzki - drums
Mariusz Duda - bass, vocals

  1. New Generation Slave
  2. The Depth Of Self - Delusion
  3. Celebrity Touch
  4. We Got Used To Us
  5. Feel Like Falling
  6. Deprived
  7. Escalator Shrine
  8. Coda
  9. Night Session - Part One (bonus)
  10. Night Session - Part Two (bonus)

Released records:
Out Of Myself, 2003
Voices In My Head (ep), 2005
Second Life Syndrome, 2005
Rapid Eye Movement, 2007
Anno Domini High Definition, 2009
Memories In My Head (ep), 2011