torsdag 17. januar 2013

Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory - Elements Of Light - 2013

Band: Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory
Album: Elements of Light
Country: Norway

Release date: January 14, 2013
Label: Rough Trade Records
Genre: Minimal Techno, Microhouse
Existed since: 2011


Since so many death/metal core bands r bringing electronic influence into their music, n artists like The Algorithm that fuse different electronic styles w metal styles, i thought it be interesting to check out what the electronic scene has to offer these days. Around the millenium i was deep into some parts of the electronic scene, listening to ambient, electronica, drum n bass, breakbeat, house n so on, so i do got an understanding of the music. The other reviewer on this page, Bjørn, is also a listener of electronics, n maybe especially noise, experimental, impro n musique concrete.
I thought i start of w a debut from fellow norwegians. A septet that plays minimal techno/microhouse. The only name i a familiar w in this band is Martin Horntveth, former Jaga Jazzist member. I do hear some familiar influences from the norwegian house scene, but not so much in front of the music, but rather giving the music a good fundament. The melodies consists of light, a bit jazzy sounds, produced from the xylophones, synth n the computer, i presume. Its rly laidback, but u still can move to the music. Worth checking out.

Album musicians:
Hendrik Weber
Lars Petter Hagen
Heming Valebjørg
Martin Horntveth
Erland Dahlen
Vegar Sandholt
Håkon Stene

  1. Wave
  2. Particle
  3. Photon
  4. Spectral Split
  5. Quantum