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Hacride - Back To Where You've Never Been

Band: Hacride
Album: Back To Where You've Never Been
Country: France

Release date: April 19, 2013
Genre: Progressive Death Metal, Progressive Metal, Metalcore, Grunge
Existed since: 2001

Hacride has made a varied, strong mini album of about 40 mintues for their 4th release.
I would put them in the harder parts of the prog metal scene, like early Pain Of Salvation. There is also metalcore influences in the music.
The melodies in each song have been well developed, and there r some really good choir sections here, w some influence from Alice In Chains.


Album musicians:
Adrien Grousset - guitars
Benoist Danneville - bass
Florent Marcadet - drums
Luiss Roux - vocals 

  1. Introversion
  2. Strive Ever To More
  3. Synesthesia
  4. Overcome
  5. Edification Of The Fall
  6. To Numb The Pain
  7. Ghosts Of The Modern World
  8. Requiem For A Lullaby

Released records:
Deviant Current Signal, 2005
Amoeba, 2007
Lazarus, 2009

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