torsdag 18. juli 2013

Pryapisme - Hyperblast Super Collider

Band: Pryapisme
Album: Hyperblast Super Collider
Country: France

Release date: April 1, 2013
Genre: Avantgarde Metal, Fusion, Computer Music, Balkan
Existed since: 2000

Ive tried to wrap my mind around the fusion of the different genres the trio behind Pryapisme has put into their music. The main genres i senses is balkan style, electronica, computer game music, speed/industrial metal and experimental jazz. Usually when artists place so many different genre in their music, the results often tends to be confused n choppy, while here they have managed to get a red line of melodies through the songs, despite all the genres mixed together. It does remind me somewhat of their fellow french fusion artist, Igorrr.

Album musicians:
Nicolas Sénac - guitars, bass, synths
Benjamin Bardiaux - keyboards
Aymeric Thomas - drums, clarinet, machines

  1. Un druide est giboyeux lorsqu'il se prend pour un neutrino
  2. Boudin blanc et blanc boudin
  3. Random Jean Vigo
  4. La notion de chiralité de spin et d'oscillation de saveur des particules supersymetriques definissant un champs scalaire lors d'une transition de conifold en cosmologie branaire dans un modele ekpyrotique
  5. Lesbian bordello
  6. J'ai envie de te claquer
  7. Cochenille, membrane et volcanologie
  8. Jon-bon-jon-boutros-boutros-boutros-bovi-miou-miou
  9. Je suis venu, j'ai vu, j'ai sangouinu
  10. La nuit sur le mont-chauvelu (Mussorgsky cover)

Released records:
Rococo Holocaust, 2010

tirsdag 16. juli 2013

Tesseract - Altered State

Band: Tesseract
Album: Altered State
Country: UK

Release date: May 27, 2013
Genre: Progressive Metal, Math Metal, Djent
Existed since: 2003

This is a very good runner-up for their debut album, where they continue to develop their own djenty sound. Daniel Tompskins replacer Ashe O'Hara, who joined the band last year, does an excellent job behind the microphone.


Album musicians:
Acle Kahney - guitar
Jamie Postone - drums
James Monteith - guitar
Amos Williams - bass, backing vocals
Ashe O'Hara - vocals

  1. Of Matter - Proxy
  2. Of Matter - Retrospect
  3. Of Matter - Resist
  4. Of Mind - Nocturne
  5. Of Mind - Exile
  6. Of Reality - Eclipse
  7. Of Reality - Palingenisis
  8. Of Reality - Calabi-Yau
  9. Of Energy - Singularity
  10. Of Energy - Embers

Released records:
Concealing Fate (ep), 2010
One, 2011
Perspective (ep), 2012

lørdag 13. juli 2013

Hacride - Back To Where You've Never Been

Band: Hacride
Album: Back To Where You've Never Been
Country: France

Release date: April 19, 2013
Genre: Progressive Death Metal, Progressive Metal, Metalcore, Grunge
Existed since: 2001

Hacride has made a varied, strong mini album of about 40 mintues for their 4th release.
I would put them in the harder parts of the prog metal scene, like early Pain Of Salvation. There is also metalcore influences in the music.
The melodies in each song have been well developed, and there r some really good choir sections here, w some influence from Alice In Chains.


Album musicians:
Adrien Grousset - guitars
Benoist Danneville - bass
Florent Marcadet - drums
Luiss Roux - vocals 

  1. Introversion
  2. Strive Ever To More
  3. Synesthesia
  4. Overcome
  5. Edification Of The Fall
  6. To Numb The Pain
  7. Ghosts Of The Modern World
  8. Requiem For A Lullaby

Released records:
Deviant Current Signal, 2005
Amoeba, 2007
Lazarus, 2009

torsdag 11. juli 2013

Spock's Beard - Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep

Band: Spock's Beard
Album: Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep
Country: USA

Release date: March 1, 2013
Label: InsideOut
Genre: Progressive Rock, Neo Prog
Existed since: 1992

Veteran prog rock group Spock's Beard is out with their 11th album. Its a double album where they have put enough time n effort into each song, that they all stand on their own. Musically they draw much inspiration from the 70's mainly english prog scene, while still sounding like neo-prog.

Highly recommended.

Album musicians:
Ted Leonard - vocals
Ryo Okumoto - keyboards, vocals
Alan Morse - guitars, vocals
Jimmy Keegan - drums
Dave Meros - bass, vocals


Disc 1
  1. Hiding Out
  2. I Know Your Secret
  3. A Treasure Abandoned
  4. Submerged
  5. Afterthoughts
  6. Something Very Strange
  7. Waiting For Me
Disc 2
  1. The Man You're Afraid You Are
  2. Down A Burning Road
  3. Wish I Were Here
  4. Something Very Strange (Sanctified Remix)
  5. Postcards From Perdition

Released records:
The Light, 1995
Beware Of Darkness, 1996
The Kindness Of Strangers, 1998
Day For Night, 1999
V, 2000
Snow, 2002
Feel Euphoria, 2003
Octane, 2005
Spock's Beard, 2006
X, 2010

søndag 7. juli 2013

Oddland - The Treachery Of Senses

Band: Oddland
Album: The Treachery Of Senses
Country: Finland

Release date: April 12, 2012
Genre: Progressive Metal
Existed since: 2002

With their debut, these fins place themselves in the harder parts of the general progressive metal scene, with influences from bands like Opeth, Tool, Fates Warning n Queensrÿche. Vocalist Sakari Ojanens voice serves the music well. Overall an album filled with rly good melodies n musicianship.


Album musicians:
Sakari Ojanen - guitar, vocals
Joni Palmroth - bass
Ville Viitanen - drums, percussion
Jussi Poikonen - guitar

Guest musicians:
Mikko Viitanen - saxophone
Kati Vanhanen - vocals
Akta Buli - vocals

  1. Above And Beyond
  2. Flooding Light
  3. In The Eyes Of The Mourning
  4. Aisle Of Array
  5. Past The Gates
  6. Still The Spirit Stays
  7. In Endless Endeavour
  8. Sewers
  9. Lines Of Silver Blood
  10. Ire

lørdag 6. juli 2013

Octopus - Into The Void Of Fear

Band: Octopus
Album: Into The Void Of Fear
Country: Chile

Release date: January 17
Genre: Jazz/Metal, Instrumental Progressive Metal, Fusion
Existed since: 2001

This is a short album of around 26 minutes. Musically they sounds like a mix between Blotted Science n Shining, with the 3. song resembling It's The End n the 7th Faceless. The title song is more in the quiet fusion jazz soundscape.
All in all a good album, though i think they should focus on finding their own sound, cause the talent is certainly there.


Album musicians:
Braulio Aspe - bass
Cristobal Orozco - drums
Jorge Benavides - guitars
Fernando Daza - guitars

  1. Ethereal Mind
  2. Confront The Fear Beyond
  3. Fearless 1
  4. Off Limits
  5. Fall
  6. Fearless 2
  7. Faceless Source
  8. Into The Void Of Fear

Released records:
Octopus, 2004
Bonsaï, 2006
Coda (ep), 2008