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Gloryhammer - Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife

Band: Gloryhammer
Album: Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife
Country: UK

Release date: March 29, 2013
Genre: Power Metal
Existed since: 2010

The album starts with a short intro, that i usually skips, before the first song 'The Unicorn Invasion Of Dundee', kicks in. It is a really good opener song, that pulls you right into the story. The albums theme is fantasy, so there's no shocker there.
Musically they stay in the general power metal field, with great melodies and musicianship. The album contains some rly good guitar solos. There are some repetative lyrics/musically part that i think drag the overall impression down, but this is still an impressive debut from the englishmen.
The bonus song, Wizards!, sounds like it came out of the last Angra album.

Highly Recommended.

Album musicians:
Christopher Alexander Bowes - keyboards
James Cartwright - bass
Ben Turk - drums
Paul Templing - guitars
Thomas Laszlo Winkler - vocals

  1. Anstruther's Dark Prophecy
  2. The Unicorn Invasion Of Dundee
  3. Angus McFife
  4. Quest For The Hammer Of Glory
  5. Magic Dragon
  6. Silent Tears Of Frozen Princess
  7. Amulet Of Justice
  8. Hail To Crail
  9. Beneath Cowdenbeath
  10. The Epic Rage Of Furious Thunder
  11. Wizards! (bonus)

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