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Disperse - Living Mirrors

Band: Disperse
Album: Living Mirrors
Country: Poland

Release date: February 19, 2013
Genre: Progressive Metal, Jazz/Metal, Jazz/Rock, Fusion
Existed since: 2007

Really good second album from polish Disperse. They play djenty prog metal ala Textures w strong influence from technical jazz/metal n jazz/rock, with some of the songs in the modern jazz spectre.
Vocalist Rafał Biernacki adds great techniques and manipulations w his voice, n the guitar solos breaks down in orgasmic melotechnics.
Check out the best opener-song on the album, Profane The Ground.

Highly Recommended.

Album musicians:
Rafał Biernacki - keyboards, vocals
Jakub Żytecki - guitars
Maciek Dzik - drums
Daniel Kesler - guitars
Wojtek Famielec - bass

  1. Dancing With Endless Love
  2. Enigma Of Abode
  3. Profane The Ground
  4. Prana
  5. Message From Atlantis
  6. WOW!
  7. Universal Love
  8. Be Afraid Of Nothing
  9. Unbroken Shiver
  10. Touching The Golden Cloud
  11. Butoh
  12. Choices Over Me
  13. AUM

Released records:
Journey Through The Hidden Gardens, 2010

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