onsdag 22. mai 2013

Agrypnie - Aetas Cineris

Band: Agrpynie
Album: Aetas Cineris
Country: Germany

Release date: March 15, 2013
Genre: Melodic Black Metal, Post Black Metal, Progressive
Existed since: 2004

The album consists of 8 songs thats lasts from 8 - 12 minutes, so there is a lot to digest here. Musically they range from the calm n atmospheric to the fast n hard. There is tons of good melodies in all the songs, n the vocalist adds great texture with his german lyrics.

Highly Recommended.

Album musicians:
Torsten "Der Unhold" Hirsch - vocals, guitars, bass, programming
René Schott - drums
Martin Kühr - guitar
Nathanael - bass

Guest musician:
David "Eklatanz" C. - vocals

  1. Trümmer / Aetas Cineris
  2. Dezember
  3. Gnōsis
  4. Zurück
  5. Kosmos (Alpha)
  6. Erwachen
  7. Sinnflut
  8. Asche

Released records:
F51.4, 2006
Exit, 2008
16[485], 2010
Asche (EP), 2011

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