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In Vain - Ænigma

Band: In Vain
Album: Ænigma
Country: Norway

Release date: March 8, 2013
Label: Indie Recordings
Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Existed since: 2003

Another contender for top albums of 2013 is norwegian death prog metallers In Vain, as with their second release come up w a truly great album, filled with strong songs. The languages on this album is in both norwegian n english. In the last song,  Floating On The Murmuring Tide, they use an instrument that i cant say i heard be used in death metal before, clarinet. It rly adds nice, sore sound to the melody.
The closest influences i can think of is black metal bands Borknagar, some Enslaved, n a pinch of norwegian punk-rock. Lars Are "Lazare" Nedland of Borknagar n Solefald is contributing on the album.

Highly Recommended.

Album musicians:
Andreas Frigstad - vocals
Johnar Haaland - guitar
Sindre Nedland - keyboards, piano, vocals
Stig Reinhardtsen - drums
Kristian Wikstøl - bass, vocals
Kjetil D. Pedersen - guitar

Guest musicians:
Lars Are "Lazare" Nedland - vocals
Cornelius Jakhelln - vocals

  1. Against The Grain
  2. Image Of Time
  3. Southern Shores
  4. Hymne Til Havet
  5. Culmination Of The Enigma
  6. Times Of Yore
  7. Rise Against (bonus)
  8. To The Core
  9. Floating On The Murmuring Tide

Released records:
Wounds (ep), 2005
The Latter Rain, 2007
Mantra, 2010

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