torsdag 28. mars 2013

Kingcrow - In Crescendo

Band: Kingcrow
Album: In Crescendo
Country: Italy

Release date: February 12, 2013
Label: Scarlet Records
Genre: Progressive Metal
Existed since: 1996


Ever since i began listening to metal, ive had a weak spot for the italian progressive power metal scene, w bands like Vision Divine n DGM. I have been familiar w this band before this release, but i havent rly listened to them. This will surerly change, because Kingcrow w their 5th full-length have released an album filled of w great songs.
In metal-style i would say they lean towards bands like Disillusion n Shadow Gallery, w influence from modern progressive rock n swedish progressive rock/metal, where i hear The Flower Kings n Pain Of Salvation, whom they toured w in n. america this may.

Highly Recommended

Album musicians:
Diego Cafolla – guitars, backing vocal
Ivan Nastasi – guitars, backing vocal
Diego Marchesi – vocals
Thundra Cafolla – drums, percussion
Francesco D’Errico- bass
Cristian Della Polla – keyboards, synth

  1. Right Before
  2. This Ain't Another Love Song
  3. The Hatch
  4. Morning Rain
  5. The Drowning Line
  6. The Glass Fortress
  7. Summer '97
  8. In Crescendo

Previous records:
Hurricane's Eye (EP), 2000
Something Unknown, 2001
Matzmariels (EP), 2003
Insider, 2003
Timetropia, 2006
Phlegethon, 2010

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