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Xanthochroid - Blessed He With Boils - 2012

Band: Xanthochroid
Album: Blessed He With Boils
Country: USA

Release date: December 21, 2012
Label: Erthe and Axen Records
Genre: Melodic Black Metal, Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock
Existed since: 2005


A young american bands that draws strong influence from the nordic music scene, in particular norwegian, modern black metal. Their hard sound is mainly a mix between Dimmu Borgir and Enslaved, with softer, long passages resembling Anekdoten w/out the mellotron.
They've made well-structured songs, w rly good, progressive melodies on their first full-length album.


Album musicians:
Sam Meador - keyboards, acoustic guitar, vocals
Brent Vallefuoco - guitars
David Bodenhoefer - guitars
Matthew Earl - drums, flute, vocals
William Culver III - bass
Bryan Huizenga - bass

  1. Aquatic Deathgate Existence
  2. Blessed He With Boils
  3. Winter's End
  4. Long Live Our Lifeless King
  5. Deus Absconditus: Part I
  6. Deus Absconditus: Part II
  7. The Leper's Prospect
  8. In Putris Stagnum
  9. "Here I'll Stay"
  10. Rebirth Of An Old Nation

Released records:
Iced, In Extremis (ep), 2010
Incultus (ep), 2011

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