søndag 3. februar 2013

Jar Moff - Commercial Mouth - 2013

Band: Jar Moff
Album: Commercial Mouth
Country: Greece

Release date: February 1, 2013
Label: Pan
Genre: Plunderphonics, Sound Collage
Existed since: 2010


This isnt just a bit hard music to get into, but also rly hard to find any information about this artist at all. Apart from an ep released back in 2010, this is his full-length debut.
As i wrote in the genre description, this is sound collages, which means he layered different electronic/music parts on top of each other. In the second song, i actually recognize some trumpet parts from Jon Hassells excellent record City: Work Of Fiction, 1990.
If u want to check out some interesting, yet very experimental electronic music, this may just be the thing for u.

  1. Tziaitzomanasou 
  2. Commercial Mouth

Released records:
JMEPSP (ep), 2010

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