onsdag 6. februar 2013

Aeon Zen - Enigma - 2013

Band: Aeon Zen
Album: Enigma
Country: UK

Release date: January 22, 2013
Label: Nightmare Records
Genre: Progressive Metal
Existed since: 2008


Third album from multi-instrumentalist Rich Hinks, goes in the footsteps of ayreon, as he plays all instruments himself n use 3 outside vocalists. The only 1 i know of the vocalists is Atle Pettersen of Above Symmetry/Aspera. The other 2 also comes from 1-album prog metal bands.  Nate Loosemore of Lost In Thought and returning Jonny Tatum of Eumeria.
Musically he is closer to the harder parts of classic prog metal, w the guest vocalists singing mostly clean. There r some growling here, but i guess Hinks r doing those parts himself. Overall a great album, w some rly good melodies, guitar solos n instrumental works.


Album musicians:
Rich Hinks - all instruments, vocals

Guest musicians:
Nate Loosemore - vocals
Atle Pettersen - vocals
Jonny Tatum - vocals

  1. Enter The Enigma
  2. Artificial Soul
  3. Divinity
  4. Seven Hills
  5. Warning
  6. Turned To Ash
  7. Still Human
  8. Eternal Snow
  9. Downfall
  10. Survival (bonus)
  11. Time Divine 2.0 (bonus)

Previous records:
A Mind's Portrait, 2009
The Face Of The Unknown, 2010

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