torsdag 28. februar 2013

Xanthochroid - Blessed He With Boils - 2012

Band: Xanthochroid
Album: Blessed He With Boils
Country: USA

Release date: December 21, 2012
Label: Erthe and Axen Records
Genre: Melodic Black Metal, Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock
Existed since: 2005


A young american bands that draws strong influence from the nordic music scene, in particular norwegian, modern black metal. Their hard sound is mainly a mix between Dimmu Borgir and Enslaved, with softer, long passages resembling Anekdoten w/out the mellotron.
They've made well-structured songs, w rly good, progressive melodies on their first full-length album.


Album musicians:
Sam Meador - keyboards, acoustic guitar, vocals
Brent Vallefuoco - guitars
David Bodenhoefer - guitars
Matthew Earl - drums, flute, vocals
William Culver III - bass
Bryan Huizenga - bass

  1. Aquatic Deathgate Existence
  2. Blessed He With Boils
  3. Winter's End
  4. Long Live Our Lifeless King
  5. Deus Absconditus: Part I
  6. Deus Absconditus: Part II
  7. The Leper's Prospect
  8. In Putris Stagnum
  9. "Here I'll Stay"
  10. Rebirth Of An Old Nation

Released records:
Iced, In Extremis (ep), 2010
Incultus (ep), 2011

onsdag 27. februar 2013

Xingu Hill - Relay - 1997

Band: Xingu Hill
Album: Relay
Country: Belgium

Release date: 1997
Label: Nova Zembla
Genre: Electronica, Industrial, Experimental, Ambient
Existed since: 1995


Xingu Hill was a great find for me, picked for its cover in the electronic section in my local record store. The melodies on this album is a bit hard to get into, but once u find them, they r just amazing.
The man behind the name, John N. Sellekaers, ran a record studio, Metarc, where he produced mostly electronic albums. He also collaborated w different ppl, releasing albums under different names.

Highly Recommended.

Album musicians:
John N. Sellekaers

  1. Shockwave
  2. The Neon God
  3. Mondo
  4. Zone
  5. Explicit Kill
  6. Newshounds
  7. Claustrophopolis
  8. Beyond

Maps of the Impossible, 1995
Fiction, 1996
Relay, 1997
Alterity, 1999
The Andronechron Incident, 1999
This Anxious Space, 2001
The Andronechron Incident w/ Black Lung, 2002
16-bit Golem, 2003
Unreleased Material, 2004
Altmann's Tongue, 2005

tirsdag 26. februar 2013

Mechina - Empyrean - 2013

Band: Mechina
Album: Empyrean
Country: USA

Release date: January 1, 2013
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Symphonic Death Metal, Industrial Metal
Existed since: 2004


A solid third release. Maybe the most recognizable sound of this album is the non-lyric female voices they use in many of the songs, n adds a Enigma-like texture to the music. A large parts of the clean singing metal parts reminds me of danish Mercenary. Theres also heavily choiring on this record.
All in all a well crafted album, w some rly good melodies.


Album musicians:
David Holch - vocals
Joe Tiberi - guitar, programming
David Gavin - drums
Steve Amarantos - bass

  1. Aporia
  2. Asterion
  3. Interregnum
  4. Imperialus
  5. Anathema
  6. Catechism
  7. Cryostasis_simulation__2632_01
  8. Eleftheria
  9. Empyrean
  10. Infineon
  11. Terminus
  12. bonus #1
  13. bonus #2
  14. bonus #3
  15. bonus #4

Previous releases:
The Assembly Of Tyrants, 2005
Tyrannical Resurrection (EP), 2007
Conqueror, 2011

tirsdag 19. februar 2013

Omnium Gatherum - Beyond - 2013

Band: Omnium Gatherum
Album: Beyond
Country: Finland

Release date: February 22, 2013
Label: Lifeforce Records
Genre: Melodic Death Metal, Progressive Metal
Existed since: 1996


Their last record was great, this one, even greater. The melodies these fins produce are just masterful. Even though they r mainly to be found in the melo deth spectrum, they got lots of influences from the folk n power metal scenes. This album also got late eighties, early ninties metal/hard rock elements, that elevates the albums as a whole.
This is an early contender for top 2013 albums.

Highly Recommended.

Album musicians:
Markus Vanhala - guitar
Jarmo Pikka - drums
Aapo Koivisto - keyboards
Jukka Pelkonen - vocals
Joonas "Jope" Koto - guitars
Erkki Silvennoinen - bass

  1. Luoto
  2. New Dynamic
  3. In The Rim
  4. Nightwalkers
  5. Formidable
  6. The Sonic Sign
  7. Who Could Say
  8. The Unknowing
  9. Living In Me
  10. White Palace

Released records:
Steal The Light (ep), 2002
Spirits And August Light, 2003
Years In Waste, 2004
Stuck Here On Snake's Way, 2007
The Redshift, 2008
New World Shadows, 2011

listen to full album Here

torsdag 14. februar 2013

Igorrr - Hallelujah - 2012

Band: Igorrr
Album: Hallelujah
Country: France

Release date: December 21, 2012
Label: Ad Noiseam
Genre: Industrial Metal, Glitch, Folk, Baroque/Classical, Exprimental, Fusion
Existed since: 2006


A playful record from this crazy french, mixing classical/folk elements w drum n bass-glitchy drums n sounds, bringing in industrial metal. Reminds me of early SYL from time to time, but is much more experimental. This is much more a electronic release than it is metal. Worth checking out.

Album musicians:
Gautier "Igorrr" Serre - all instruments, programming, vocals

  1. Tout Petit Moineau
  2. Damaged Wig
  3. Absolute Psalm
  4. Cicadidae
  5. Vegetable Soup
  6. Lullaby For A Fat Jellyfish
  7. Grosse Barbe
  8. Corpus Tristis
  9. Scarlatti 2.0
  10. Toothpaste
  11. Infinite Loop

Previous records:
Poisson Soluble, 2006
Moisissure, 2008
Nostril, 2010

onsdag 6. februar 2013

Aeon Zen - Enigma - 2013

Band: Aeon Zen
Album: Enigma
Country: UK

Release date: January 22, 2013
Label: Nightmare Records
Genre: Progressive Metal
Existed since: 2008


Third album from multi-instrumentalist Rich Hinks, goes in the footsteps of ayreon, as he plays all instruments himself n use 3 outside vocalists. The only 1 i know of the vocalists is Atle Pettersen of Above Symmetry/Aspera. The other 2 also comes from 1-album prog metal bands.  Nate Loosemore of Lost In Thought and returning Jonny Tatum of Eumeria.
Musically he is closer to the harder parts of classic prog metal, w the guest vocalists singing mostly clean. There r some growling here, but i guess Hinks r doing those parts himself. Overall a great album, w some rly good melodies, guitar solos n instrumental works.


Album musicians:
Rich Hinks - all instruments, vocals

Guest musicians:
Nate Loosemore - vocals
Atle Pettersen - vocals
Jonny Tatum - vocals

  1. Enter The Enigma
  2. Artificial Soul
  3. Divinity
  4. Seven Hills
  5. Warning
  6. Turned To Ash
  7. Still Human
  8. Eternal Snow
  9. Downfall
  10. Survival (bonus)
  11. Time Divine 2.0 (bonus)

Previous records:
A Mind's Portrait, 2009
The Face Of The Unknown, 2010

tirsdag 5. februar 2013

Consciousness Removal Project - Tacit - 2013

Band: Consciousness Removal Project
Album: Tacit
Country: Finland

Release date: January 3, 2013
Label: Self-release
Genre: Ambient, Post-Metal, Post-Rock, Instrumental
Existed since: 2004


A pleasant release by this finnish band. For the most part finding themselves in the atmospheric spectrum of rock/metal. The melodies stretches out calmly, w some parts of the music getting inputs from jazz. It is for the most parts an instrumental album, but there r some icy black metal growling lurking in one of the songs.


Album musicians:
Antti Loponen - Vox, Guitar
Arttu Kimmel - Guitar
Vesa Ahonen - Bass
Artturi Mäkinen - Drums

  1. Colossus I: Legacy
  2. Mercurial
  3. Colossus II: Thrashing
  4. Decay Practice
  5. Colossus III: Deadlock
  6. Colossus IV: Null && Void
  7. Lost Mnemonics
  8. The Unknown Known

Previous releases:
Consciousness Removal Project, 2008
852 (EP), 2009
Do You Ever Think It's The End Of The World?, 2010
The Last Season, 2011

mandag 4. februar 2013

The Haarp Machine - Disclosure - 2012

Band: The Haarp Machine
Album: Disclosure
Country: UK

Release date: October 15, 2012
Label: Sumerian Records
Genre: Progressive Metal, Metalcore, Djent
Existed since: 2007


A melodic, hard debut by this english band, w frontman Abdullah Al Mu'min putting loads of sitar n koto into the mix, sets it apart from the other bands in the metalcore scene. According to Metalstorm its a 1-man band atm, but w a tour undergoing, i guess he have found some live musician to play w.


Album musicians:
Michael Semesky - vocals
Abdullah Al Mu'min - guitars, sitar, koto
Oliver Rooney - bass
Craig Reynolds - drums

  1. Esoteric Agenda
  2. Lower The Populace
  3. Pleiadian Keys
  4. From Vanity To Utility
  5. Disclosure
  6. The Escapist Notion
  7. Extension To One
  8. Machine Over

søndag 3. februar 2013

Jar Moff - Commercial Mouth - 2013

Band: Jar Moff
Album: Commercial Mouth
Country: Greece

Release date: February 1, 2013
Label: Pan
Genre: Plunderphonics, Sound Collage
Existed since: 2010


This isnt just a bit hard music to get into, but also rly hard to find any information about this artist at all. Apart from an ep released back in 2010, this is his full-length debut.
As i wrote in the genre description, this is sound collages, which means he layered different electronic/music parts on top of each other. In the second song, i actually recognize some trumpet parts from Jon Hassells excellent record City: Work Of Fiction, 1990.
If u want to check out some interesting, yet very experimental electronic music, this may just be the thing for u.

  1. Tziaitzomanasou 
  2. Commercial Mouth

Released records:
JMEPSP (ep), 2010

lørdag 2. februar 2013

Kari Bremnes/Kjetil Bjørnstad - Løsrivelse - 1993

Band: Kari Bremnes/Kjetil Bjørnstad
Album: Løsrivelse
Country: Norway

Release date: 1993
Label: Kirkelig Kulturverksted
Genre: Contemporary Jazz
Existed since: 1993

This was the record that got me into jazz music. I think Kjetil Bjørnstad is a fantastic composer, but its also the musicianship of all the musicians on this album, especially Kari Bremnes' beautiful voice, n the guitarwork done by Marius Müller, which i totally fell in love w.
The album takes on the life of Edvard Munch, the famous norwegian painter. Many of u probably knows his paintings, like Scream. What is less known is that he wrote poetry for many of his paintings. And the paintings and poetry is a reflection of his life n early love-life.
The project gives musical life to his works, n shed light about his life in his own words, that may not be familiar to most ppl. N is more accessible n less time-consuming than reading a book. That is, if u dont totally fall in love w the record, like i did.
Even if its 20 years since it release, Kari Bremnes n Kjetil Bjørnstad still occasionally get together to perform this project.
Expect an album full of life, fantastic n emotional melodies, n world-class musicianship.


Album musicians:
Kari Bremnes - vocal
Kjetil Bjørnstad - piano, synthesizer, compositions
Bjørn Kjellemyr - bass
Audun Kleive - drums
Marius Müller - guitar
Paolo Vinaccia - percussion

  1. Månens Kraft                                                   
  2. Dine Øine                                                
  3. Søvngjengersken
  4. Syk Pike
  5. Skrik
  6. Madonna
  7. Tiltrekning
  8. Aske
  9. Møte I Verdensrommet
  10. Scene I Skogen
  11. To Mennesker
  12. Sjalusi
  13. Løsrivelse
  14. Melankoli
  15. Angst