søndag 6. januar 2013

Zammuto - Zammuto - 2012

Band: Zammuto
Album: Zammuto
Country: USA

Release date: April 3, 2012
Label: Temporary Residence Limited
Genre: Indie Rock
Existed since: 2011

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Bjørns Review:
Nick Willscher Zammuto from The Books goes solo and releases an excellent record with experimental rock music. This shit will definitely grow on you..

Album musicians:
Nick Zammuto - guitars, vocals
Sean Dixon - drums
Gene Back - guitar, the human midi file
Mikey Zammuto - bass

  1. YAY
  2. Groan Man, Don't Cry
  3. Idiom Wind
  4. Crabbing
  5. F U C-3PO
  6. Too Late To Topologize
  7. Zebra Butt
  8. Weird Ceiling
  9. Harlequin
  10. Shape Of Things To Come
  11. Full Fading

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