fredag 18. januar 2013

Æther Realm - One Chosen by the Gods - 2013

Band: Æther Realm
Album: One Chosen by the Gods
Country: USA

Release date: January 8, 2013
Label: Self-release
Genre: Folk Metal, Melodic Death Metal
Existed since: 2010


Think this is the first american based band ive heard that plays this kinda metal. Very influenced by the north-european folk metal scene. The songs contains tons of great melody-lines n theres a rly good drive in the music.


Album musicians:
Vincent Jones - bass, vocals
Tyler Gresham - drums
Heinrich Arnold - guitars, vocals
Jack Rodriguez-Dougherty - guitars

  1. Journey Of Discovery
  2. Hourglass
  3. Æther Realm
  4. Swampwitch
  5. One Chosen By The Gods
  6. Ravensong
  7. Winter's Grasp
  8. Odin Will Provide
  9. Oak

Released records:
Odin Will Provide (ep), 2011

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