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The Blood Of Heroes - The Waking Nightmare - 2012

Band: The Blood Of Heroes
Album: The Waking Nightmare
Country: USA, UK

Release date: December 4, 2012
Label: Ohm Resistance
Genre: Experimental, Dub, Metal, Drum & bass
Existed since: 2009


Bjørns Review:
Excellent album from metal supergroup.

Jon's additional notes:
As fas as i can tell from listening to this album, the music leans more towards dub than to metal, n theres no growling here, but more electrified spoken words/rap. Justin K Broadrick is a founding member of Godflesh.
Previous bassist Bill Laswell comes from the dub-scene, n i used to listen to him about 10 years ago.

Album musicians:
Dr. Israel
Justin K Broadrick
Joel Hamilton
M Gregor Filip
Balazs Pandi
Tony Maimone

  1. Piration
  2. Death Wish
  3. Everything Undone
  4. Hecatomb
  5. The Last Forest
  6. War
  7. Towers Arise Underground
  8. Dogtown
  9. Bronze And Brass
  10. Only The Desert Endures
  11. I Love You But I Chose Darkness

Released reords:
Remain, 2010
The Blood Of Heroes, 2010

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