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Prurient - Cocaine Death - 2008

Band: Prurient
Album: Cocaine Death
Country: USA

Release date: 2008
Label: Hospital Production
Genre: Electronica, Noise
Existed since: 1998


Bjørns review:
This record is a compilation of 4 previously released cassettes. Harsh in your face noise with hidden melodies, quite addictive if u ask me, but noone ever does..Not for every taste (u must actually have a taste in music).

Album musicians:
Dominick Fernow - electronics

Guest musicians:
Richard Dunn - voice
Lyubomir Levchev - lyrics on Dog Of Addiction

  1. Pretext (Bahamian Burial)
  2. Cocaine Death
  3. Dog Of Addiction
  4. Lay By Son
  5. Garden Of Tranquility
  6. Eve Of Adam
  7. Historically, Women Use Poison To Kill
  8. Postscript (Coke Cunts)
Additional notes:
tracks 1 and 8 from previously unreleased diptych Necrocolonalist.
tracks 2 and 3 taken from the cassette Cocaine Death released by Hospital Productions in 2007 in an edition of 46.
tracks 4 and 5 taken from the cassette Caribbean Overdose released on Hospital Productions in 2007 in an edition of 200.
Tracks 6 and 7 taken from the cassette "Tylenol Murders" released on Hospital Productions in 2008 in an edition of 20.


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